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How it all began
In the beginning  Sir Timothy Berners-Lee "invented" HTML and that was the origin of the WWW and in 1996 I got a dial-up account. Its been all down hill since.
Have a nice cuppa tea
Planning committee meeting
for Sid Harrison's Website
Visitors Day at the Nursing Home
by the late Bob Harrison
What's this all about??             Well boys and girls I recall it was way back there in 1996. The cold war was over and the human race was destined for everlasting peace, tranquility, free beer and pony rides.

So I bought myself one of those new-fangled computer machines and seeing as how Al Gore had gone to all that trouble to invent the internet I decided to jump on it and quickly became a frequent participant in Submarine Forums (aka Bulletin Boards aka BBS').

As it turned out, back in those days, guys would find some real good links and post them on the BBS and in no time -- as more postings were made -- the links would get pushed further and further down until they were out of sight and forgotten.  Then, later someone would pop up and ask about such-and-such link and nobody could find it.

It was a pain in the ass so I began to make HTML pages for my own use to handle all my clickable links. The next logical step - being a sharing-type person and all - was to put it on the web... and now here we are and of course it grew... and that is why this thing exists.

Finally - this is not a commercial site, nor is it a blog... so  you may think of it as my enhanced bookmarks-on-steroids collection. Complete with tons of selected links and copies to keep them from disappearing into that black hole of deleted-stuff-in-cyberspace.

As Bill Clinton famously said when asked why he did what he did, "Its because I can".

Carry on!
North of Sevey Corners
Looking Back.. It has been a helluva trip

SubVets - 40 School Street,
Groton CT - Spring 2000
It is apparent that I collect links to many websites. Sometimes (often?) it may not be clear which  pages are mine. in the universal scheme of things it doesn't matter.    Just check the URL.

What is mine or authored by me can be found HERE. Links are to my stuff or a copy of something I found interesting or tons of external links.   You'll figure it out.

Here I try to explain to a fellow submariner why I chose the Navy as a career)

Submariners On That Internet Highway

An earlier explanation of Why a webpage?
Originally posted on 11 Nov. 1997      Veteran's Day
Updated:  July 2008

In October of 1976 I retired from the US Navy. The kids were young and mama and I had places to go, houses to remodel and a living to earn. Well the kids raised up just fine and are now out and gone on to pursue their own lives. Now with the years rolling by and having a bit of time to spare, I find myself thinking more and more about those good old Navy Days.

In the spring of 1997, having been on the internet for about nine months, I started checking out Submarine websites. The old memory banks opened up big-time and I had to do something with all that stuff.        ...and that brings us here.

This effort reflects those years in my beloved Navy and especially on the boats (Submariners refer to their ships as boats in case you didn't know). If you have an interest in Submarines I think you'll get a fair overview of "the life" by following the links I have provided. Many of which will lead you to pages created by other former Submariners - probably for reasons similar to my own.

Of course all webstuff expands to fill the space available so you'll find tons of what I consider to be worthwhile links. Many (most) are non-Navy topics and reflect my penchant for being a URL packrat.

I have included many images and writings of my own in addition to links, images and writings from many others. Every attempt has been made to ensure that I have assigned proper credit for ownership. If anything gets your nose out-of-joint, just e-mail me and we'll get it squared away.

I have attempted to organize the various branches and tributaries of this site in some logical fashion. Take time to check it all out.

"You never know what is enough
unless you know what is more than enough." --William Blake

NOTE: The PBS Series link can provide more insight HERE
[ In my collection of links you will find many more like this one. Press on.

A big thank you to many cyber-shipmates for their kind inputs and constructive criticisms. Personal thanks for the assistance and feed-back from Mike Maloney, my cousin Bob Harrison (a WWII Navy Vet, great poet and a credit to the Harrison clan.***  He definitely has upgraded our gene pool).   ***Bob was called home by the Supreme Commander in July of 2001

Also my e-mail bud Frank Toon (his outstanding site is featured in the Blenny section). Thanks to Joel Staggs, Ramon Samson, Myron Howard and Ron Martini (if it wasn't for Ron's web site I wouldn't be doing this stuff...and would probably go to bed at a reasonable hour).

If any old shipmates find mistakes in dates, names and/or events as I have related them I'll be happy to make any corrections. Let me know.   The decades slip by and memory fades. That's the way it be pilgrim.

Straight board