Sid's N T I N S Locker

Writings of Bob Harrison    ||    How It All Began
by Bob Harrison
July 28, 1998
Greenfield, Indiana 

Hello, Nurse, Iím here to see my cousin, Sid,
I think his room is very close to that of Luke the Lid.
Hi, Sid, Iím your cousin, here to see you once agin.
Here, let me wipe that bit of dribble from your chin.

Whoís the old guy I see thatís cominí down the path?
I do believe thatís Myron Howard, my God, he could use a bath!
Is that Ron Martini over there, the one thatís tryiní to sell his shoes?
Heís quite a sight but all those wrinkles sure give me the blues.

Here, take this tissue, Sid, youíre startiní to drool once more,
Is that Roger Ramjet I see cominí through the door?
Where Roger is, Iím sure that old Cool Bob is near,
I hear him now, heís askiní Ramjet for a beer.

Thereís Moose and Roy, boy, donít they look a sight!
If Royís here, I guess weíll see Daisey by tonight.
Why, there she is; what a purty sight to see,
Shucks, she donít look a day past seventy three.

Thereís a few more guys I hope to see real soon,
Mike Maloneyís one and of course I canít forget Rankoon.
SPC is special too, and I canít forget old Gil,
Hey, Sid, wake up, itís time to take your pill.

There goes Ramjet running at full speed across the lawn,
And here comes Cool in hot pursuit and neither has his clothes on,
I guess thatís how it was when they served on submarines,
Come on, Sid, letís go before you pee upon your jeans.

Well, itís good to see the old gangís still around and doiní well,
Theyíre not as spry now but everyone of them is full of Hell,
Sid, olí Cuz, Iíve gotta go now, back to my Cloud up in the sky,
Lookiní forward to the day when all the crew is with me by and by.

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