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Mostly Submariner Memories
...with some exceptions

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  026   The Road Not Traveled Cool Bob Berry
  027   Memorial Day Essays Bob McManus
  028   1945 - A Washington D.C. Liberty Ron "Warshot" Smith
  029   Recollections of an After Battery Rat   via Ray Stone Dex Armstrong
  030   Submariner Beer Drinking Troubleshooting Gary Walker
  031   Channel Fever Dex Armstrong
  032   I Went Fishing Today John Bay
  033   Surfaced Mid-watch A Collection
  034   THE COCHINO SINKING Oscar Martinez
  035   SUBMARINE EXPERTS Captain Bob Thomas
  036   Kevin Mooney reviews Ron Smith's book Kevin Mooney
  037   Simulating Life Onboard A Submarine From CHINFO
  038   Dolphins on the 7th of December Tom McNulty
  039   Magic John Wynn
  040   The Toilet Paper Requisition Ron Martini
  041   Sea Devil's Farewell Pat Householder
  042   Training Tower Burns - Camera, Empty! John Ackerman
  042a   The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did On The Boats - Mind Dumps A Collection
  043   The Whiskey Smugglers Tom Parks
  044   Queenfish - WW II Memories Richard Fason
  045   A Few Days In October Gunner Beckley
  046   ROLLS!   When TENCH did a 72 John Wynn
  047   A Submariner Remembers His Grandfather Danny Butler
  048   On the Occasion of the NARWHAL Decommissioning Alan Donn
  049   THEIR LIPS ARE SEALED (Daily Times) Watertown, NY  Sid Harrison
  050   THE PASSING OF THE JIMMY K. Tom Conlon and JDawg


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Humoroussubmarinepostcard  WWII era
WW II vintage postcard image contributed by Mike Brood
Mailed from Miami, Fl. - Sept. 3, 1946