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Sea Devil's Farewell
by Pat Householder on November 26, 1999

San Diego:
In November, 1964, ex-SEA DEVIL SS-400 was tied up for several days alongside three other fleet boats: REDFISH SS-395, CAPITANE SS-336 and BAYA SS-318.

Inboard of SEA DEVIL was SCAMP SSN-588, and outboard the nest was VOLADOR SS-490, soon to be her executioner. I suspect that was the last time ever that four fleet boats were nested together.

At that time I adapted John Masefield's famous poem, Sea Fever, in tribute to the "4.0" boat. It goes like this:

Sea Devil's Farewell

Sea Devil puts out to sea again, 
To the lonely seas and the sky

And all she asks is a cheery day 
and a last and fond good-bye.

She feels the sea's kick, 
and hears the wind's song,
And remembers her lookouts shaking…

She recalls the grey mist 
on the sea's face, 
When the dawn was abreaking.

So the "Devil" goes down to the seas again,
To close out her Navy life.

To the gulls way, and the whale's way,
Where the wind's like a whetted knife.

And all she asks is to be kept in mind, 
by her laughing sailor rovers

And a peaceful sleep, in the quiet deep, 
Now that her long voyage is over.

Masefield's Sea FeverHERE
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