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Mike Brood
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Mostly Submariner Memories
...with some exceptions

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AUTHOR or Poster
  076   A WWII Submarine Christmas Story George Folta Capt USN/Ret
  077   Richard B. Fason's Personal Navy History Richard B. Fason
  078   Green Mint Jelly and other Stuff Sid Harrison
  079   THE DBF PIN Patrick Meagher TMC(SS) USN/Ret
  080   Route 460 - [ Mid 20th century Bluejacket travel ] Dex Armstrong
081 Memories of Mediterranean Moonbeams Roger "RamJet"  Burleigh
082 COBBLER's Excellent Adventures in Palermo Roger "RamJet"  Burleigh
083 Coming Home or an Old Sailorís Ramblings  John K. Ellett
084 Subject:  Jack Schidt Author unknown
085 Floating Loose in Cyberspace Sid Harrison
086 A proposal for the formation of ComSupMorF J.T. McDaniel
087 << Click and go to Ed's stories index Ed Bookhardt  CDR USN/Ret
088 Christmas Poems and Stories - A collection Sid Harrison
089 SIRAGO Appreciation Talk Dex Armstrong
090 Soft Rag Hats and Faded Dungarees Dex Armstrong
091 Alternate uses for Terrycloth Tom McNulty
092 Little Red gets a souvenir from a can of whoop ass Sid Harrison 
093 Who Loves Ya?    (John Wynn crosses the bar) Sid Harrison
094 First Time Back Mike Hemming
095 For Everything There Is A Season The Dex Armstrong files

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Humoroussubmarinepostcard  WWII era
WW II vintage postcard image contributed by Mike Brood
Mailed from Miami, Fl. - Sept. 3, 1946