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Sailor reading book - from WWI poster
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This page of WRITINGS focuses on POEMS, QUOTES, perhaps a funny story or two and of course SUBMARINE STORIES. 
I would appreciate knowing of any other links to well documented   (well researched)  stories about our military - any branch - any era.
Sid Harrison
Image to the left was copied from the website of BJ Omanson's
 [ Scuttlebutt and Small Chow ]
This image is a smaller detail that was part of a larger WWI poster.

A local copy of the full poster is HERE.   Why the sailor was sitting in the mud with a bunch of soldiers while absorbed in his reading is rather curious.

[  Access the full poster at The Library of congress collection

 Omanson copied the image from the book WAKE UP AMERICA! WORLD WAR I AND THE AMERICAN POSTER by Walton Rawls.     The artist is John E. Sheridan, and the poster advertised the American Library Association, UNITED WAR WORK CAMPAIGN, Week of November 11, 1918.  Image is U.S. Gov. and is in the public domain.

The following includes copies of writings by others that are not mine..
Index: Writings and art of CDR Ed Bookhardt USN/Ret  CDR Ed Bookhardt, US Navy, Retired is a former SeaBee with 30+ years active Navy service who worked his way up through the ranks from Seaman Recruit to Commander.
(EXTERNAL LINK)Sea Stories and Fairy Tales  A must-read fantastic collection assembled by Don Gentry from his most excellent website: SubmarineSailor.com
(EXTERNAL LINK)An Interview  with Tom Parks published in MILITARY HISTORY MAGAZINE April of 1992...    Written by John F. Wukovits, this article does a very nice job of recounting the World War 2 submarine service of The Old Gringo.
Remarks by General Colin L. Powell   Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the  Ceremony for the 3000th SSBN Patrol
U.S. Submarine Base, Kings Bay, Georgia 25 April, 1992
ANZAC DAY 2008  an article by David Clemow  Copied from the New Zealand Herald  Good day to remember those US Submariners
Just Another Memorial Day     (Includes a few Memorial Day links)  by Thomas D. Segel Master Gunnery Sergeant USMC/Ret
The Green Hills of Earth     Robert A. Heinlein's poem  Upon the occasion of the loss of the seven crew members of the NASA shuttle, COLUMBIA on 1 Feb. 2003
Admiral Edney's statement to the House of representatives
Tailhook 'injustice' righted  by Rowan Scarborough from The Washington Times
Back When the Soldiers Said What They Thought
With The U.S. Navy Scouts and Raiders  by Matthew Kaye
Arise, Sir www!     "Tim Berners-Lee - dubbed the father of the World Wide Web - was awarded a knighthood ... for services to the Internet."
The South and Southern History   Basic Books  by Clyde Wilson
The Name In The Stone     The story of a young man's epiphany  by Gerard Van der Leun    Memorial day 2004
Peter Maas' book: The Terrible Hours  A book review
ON SACRED GROUND  An excerpt from "Flags of Our Fathers"
VIETNAM STORY  by Joe Galloway  Local copy - Copied from U.S. NEWS
(EXTERNAL LINK) BLACKHAWK DOWN via nightstalkers.com
Brave Hearts - the Story of Glenn Rojohn
(EXTERNAL LINK)The Saglek Saga, A Crash in the Wilderness, December 1942   A true story of the Determination to Survive   [ Page source: http://www.lswilson.ca ]
ONCE AN EAGLE  A book review
You just do what you have to do  Veterans day 2002 - from the Houston Chronicle
A Eulogy To The Great Santini  28 May 1999
What Is Worth While?  by Anna Robertson Brown Lindsay from her book
INTEGRITY  by General Krulak USMC
A Bill of No Rights
Patrick Henry's Words Still Ring True  by James Crispino
(EXTERNAL LINK)    The Archived Writings of Colonel David H. Hackworth    via Defending America
The AMERICANS  by Gordon Sinclair
Occam's Razor  A guide to problem solving
Three Poems about the KURSK   12 August 2000 - The Russian submarine KURSK sinks in the Barents Sea - All hands dead
English Is Tough Stuff  A NATO exercise.
It was a dark and stormy night...
Fairness, idealism and other atrocities  Commencement advice you're unlikely to hear elsewhere.  By P.J. O'Rourke     4 May 2008
The End of Our Love Affair With Cars  By P.J. O'ROURKE       30 May 2009
Sunset and Dawn  -  President Reaganís (5 Nov. 1994) Alzheimerís letter.   Copied from National Review OnLine
Death of Roy Boehm.  The First SEAL  Posted 3 January 2009
You Buy the ticket. You get the show  by a Navy Wife     Posted July 2009
When Life Imitates Norman Rockwell    Copied from American Digest (October 2009)
(EXTERNAL LINK)   Quotes and Conundrums   via Port Of Call
Live Longer  (Humor) Source unknown
(2005) Commencement address ... by Steve Jobs
Copied from Stanford Report, June 14, 2005
Who is David Kahane?  Copied from NRO
Find out
Derek Jeter - A 21st century professional athlete to admire
    Posted September 2014
I Was A Police Officer
    Posted February 2015        (Author Unknown)