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Sailor reading book - from WWI poster
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This page of WRITINGS focuses on POEMS, QUOTES, perhaps a funny story or two and of course SUBMARINE STORIES. 
I would appreciate knowing of any other links to well documented   (well researched)  stories about our military - any branch - any era.
Sid Harrison
Image to the left was copied from the website of BJ Omanson's
 [ Scuttlebutt and Small Chow ]
This image is a smaller detail that was part of a larger WWI poster.

A local copy of the full poster is HERE.   Why the sailor was sitting in the mud with a bunch of soldiers while absorbed in his reading is rather curious.

[  Access the full poster at The Library of congress collection

 Omanson copied the image from the book WAKE UP AMERICA! WORLD WAR I AND THE AMERICAN POSTER by Walton Rawls.     The artist is John E. Sheridan, and the poster advertised the American Library Association, UNITED WAR WORK CAMPAIGN, Week of November 11, 1918.  Image is U.S. Gov. and is in the public domain.

The following includes copies of writings by others that are not mine.
Poems By My Children  They won first prize. It was many years ago
A Winter Afternoon  A poem by my wife - Dec. 2000
(EXTERNAL LINK)  Holy Loch, Scotland  Days of the Boomers  (Some great images from COB Scott, author of Boats 'n Ponies.)
(EXTERNAL LINK)  More Holy Loch  From Bob Barbee MMCS(SS) USN (Ret)
Going the Last Seven Miles - The Bathyscaph Trieste Story  By Captain Don Walsh '54, USN (Ret.)
SILENT SERVICE = NOT NOTICED   Commentary on a Jan. 2002 speech by Harry Levins
Submarine Veteran and Brid Renew Marriage Vows on 50th Anniversary    From COMSUBPAC - June 2000
Serious Qualms in Close Quarters   by Elaine Donnelly  Addressing the issue of women on submarines
Review of a Submarine Movie  by a Surface Sailor
(EXTERNAL LINK)  AN AFTER BATTERY RAT  Dex Armstrong's major mind-dump of those old diesel boat days,
(EXTERNAL LINK)  THE GOAT ON THE BOAT  Possibly the number one premo no s**ter of all time.  From the USS ARCHERFISH
Submariners Never Cheat and Seldom Lie
A ride on HMS TURBULENT - Copied from the London Telegraph
Sailor Blues   Author unkown
(EXTERNAL LINK)  The Golden Rivet  Submarine Humor - Not PC or for delicate eyes.  via Ron Martini
(EXTERNAL LINK)  Edwin Kiefer's SUBMARINE JOURNAL  Books and more from a WW-II Submariner
(EXTERNAL LINK)  The DBF Flag Caper    from Grog Carpenter's USS MENHADEN (SS-377) SEA STORIES  (An excellent, extensive collection)
Spritz's Navy   Submarine Training in WWII
Still The Noblest Calling  by J.D. Wetterling
What Did You Do In The Cold War Daddy?  Copied from the VFW Online Magazine.
If I wasn't a gunner, I wouldn't be here.  About SSBN Gunners  A speech by Melville H. Lyman Captain U.S.Navy
From The Other Side  by Patrick Camunes
(EXTERNAL LINK)  Literary Works For The Wall  via The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page     aka  THE WALL
FATHER'S DAY --- AT THE WALL    Copied from The Atlanta  Journal-Constitution
One More Peaceful Moment  by Del Stone Jr.
The Peace of Wild Things    by Wendell Berry  - A good enough reason to be living in the boonies
Links to my late Cousin Bob Harrison's Poems can be found HERE
Sea Fever by John Masefield   "I must go down to the seas again..."
Crossing The Bar by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Lost Harbor by Leslie Nelson Jennings "Sailor rest your oar"
Bright Harbor by Daniel Whitehead Hickey "...he loved old ships..."
New Duty Station   by Mike Hemming
There Is A Poetry In Ships' Names by Fletcher Pratt
Once I was a Navyman   by E.A Hughes FTCM(SS) USN(Ret)
If Winter Comes - From John Lane's Australian WWII POW website
FIDDLER's GREEN Painting and Poems
The Ballad of Blasphemous Bill  by Robert Service
Song For The Squeeze Box  by Theodore Roethke
Just A common Soldier  by A. Lawrence Vaincourtn
It Is The Soldier  by Father Denis Edward O'Brien, USMC 
The Spirt of the American Soldier  by Beverly Cole Haire
The Old Man and The Sailor  by Bob Harrison
THE VETERAN  by Bob Harrison
Me Bloody Mates  by Philip "Buzz" Solomon R.A.N.
"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers..."  King Henry V, Act. IV, Sc. III by William Shakespeare
Tommy  by Rudyard Kipling
TAPS - It's origins
HIGH FLIGHT  by John Gillespie Magee
In Time  by Major Michael Davis O'Donnell 1 Jan 1970 Dak To, Vietnam
In Flanders Field  by Lt. Col. John McCrae
Sailor's Prayer  by Robert L. Harrison
Stones Of Gray    by   Cdr. Ed Bookhardt   USN/Ret
Amazing Grace  by Reverend John Newton (1725-1807)
"Oh rest your oars and let me drift"  by Sarah Orne Jewett
The Laws Of the Navy  by Admiral R. A. Hopwood, RN (Ret)
(EXTERNAL LINK)  Mortality     Abraham Lincoln's Favorite Poem
The Gods of the Copybook Headings
Rudyard Kipling  October 1919
INVICTUS  by William Ernest Henley