A WWII Christmas
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 Holiday 2001, Vol. 19, No. 4

WWII Christmas Memories

Bob Harrison MoMM/2c
US Navy

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Bob loved Christmas
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Mom, do you remember the Christmas of thirty-six?
I got a gun and holster set so I could play Tom Mix.
And the very next year, I'm sure it was, when Christmas came around,
I got a bat, a ball, and glove, the proudest boy in town!
In 'thirty-eight, a ping pong set, and it wasn't very long
'Til I was undisputed champ of all who played ping pong.
I got a bike in 'thirty-nine, the only one I ever had;
No matter how hard the times, you always managed, you and Dad.
Then came the time in 'forty-two, when I had to go away,
To do my part to win a war, no time for Christmas Day.
A homesick boy in Navy blues stared at the barracks wall,
And longed for home at Christmas, and family most of all.
Then came the call, the one call, that sailors love to hear,
Mail call was the call I heard and the sound meant Christmas cheer.
A package, large and gaily wrapped, was handed back to me,
I read the tag, "From Mom and Dad", though I could scarcely see.
Down through the years, you taught me that Christmas is for giving,
And I learned from you love must abide or there is no joy in living,
And, Mom, I've taught my children and my grandchildren, too,
The greatest gift that they can give is love the whole year through.
Copyright NOVEMBER, 1987
Philippines 1944