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The following links go to websites
that are authored by WWII SubVets,
or are mainly about,
WWII Submarine Veterans
and their experiences.
To quote from Paul Wittmer's website

WWII Poster:
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There are three major websites devoted to WWII submariners. These are all that are known to me - there may be others. Let me know if you find another   Contact

I have listed the three websites here: 

The website of Paul W. Wittmer
Paul is a WWII SubVet with an excellent website that basically mirrors the contents of the "official" SubVetsWWII website. And he has done a good job of it too. Click the TABLE of CONTENTS for submarine stories and history beyond numbering.
Official SubVets WWII

Official SubVets WWII   (Mirror Site) 

The WWII SubVets Legal Charter US Code -Title 36 Chapter 50
Probably the most comprehensive WWII Fleet Boat
source on the net.      With links to:
    World War II U.S. Submarine List
    .... and more
Spritz's Navy
Frank Toon's: USS BLENNY
The late, Thomas R. Parks aka The OLD GRINGO
Ron Smith recalls the birth of USSVI
Forest Sterling's PROFILE - from the Armed Forces Retirement Home
Sterling is the author of Wake of The Wahoo
Books about USS WAHOO
Article from the Wahoo Gazette - by Jeff Porteous 
Founders of SubVetsWWII
WWII Diesel Boat Era   by Michael Skurat

What is the purpose of this page ?   A statement from the Paul Wittmer website "Primary Objective", as shown below, works for me.   It is copied from his website and is a statement of why that website was created.

"THE PRIMARY OBJECTIVE is to provide a historic perspective of the United States submarine men who served in World War II, and to foster general public awareness of life aboard submarines during World War II."