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POV-001 from "bo The Nook"
POV-009 A web-surfing Lt. comments on Myron's PISSED page
POV-015 An eye opening post from an MIT Midshipman
With Submariner Responses
POV-017 Silver Dolphin Fax by CWO4 Kenneth J. Lowen, USN Ret
POV-019 E-mail from a retired submarine CO
POV-020 Mike Rankin's Feb. 1998 Naval Institute Proceedings Article
POV-020a Bob Barbee's Letter to Naval Institute Proceedings (1 Feb. 1998)
POV-021 Mike Rankin responds to Vice Admiral Mies' letter to Congressman Burton of Indiana
6 October 1999 -- I'll make the final entry something from Dex Armstrong
Dex's take on Everyone gets a prize (External link - Return w/ backbutton)