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The Sweet Bird of Youth
Looking back..
It has been a helluva trip
BOZO The Dog........
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Remembering Jack Luntsford
San Diego
A Near Miss
One Hen, Two Ducks
NO! No Movie
9901s and Diesel Boats
In The early '60s
End of The Cold War
Lunch's Comeuppance
Submarine Humor
That Old Competitive Thing
Leaving Home
Sailor reading book - from WWI poster
Northern Run
Why I Made A Career Out Of The US Navy   Includes a sampling of 1950s music
The Carny
Keeping The Lights On
Bill Riehl's Last Gig
Thinking About Subs
Sub Sounds
Blue Nose
Skid Equipment
The Sting
The Wind In The Loch
Thames River Time
- Something Fictional - Sort Of
Summer Rain
Summer Night
On The Occasion of A Birth
Old trucks and old dogs
Random thoughts on Leadership