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3rd Generation SS Qualification
November 15, 1998
by Bill Maness aka JOSE' - Former IC1(SS)

The US Navy has a bunch of good folks and I will never forget the trip my wife and I just returned from.

Many months ago I spoke with the COB of the USS CITY of CORPUS CHRISTI SSN-705. I expressed my desire to pass on my set of Fish I received in 1964 when I Qualed on the USS HENRY CLAY SSBN-625. Of course he agreed it was a great idea and we set up some options. One was that I make the trip from TEXAS to NLON.

The Boat did herself and us proud. The Captain, COB, XO,Nav. Officer and many others teamed together and did in two days what would take the civilian world two weeks. The Boat was at sea and the first hurdle to cross was getting a correct phone number. Devin is an RM/ET so when he was asked for an info update all the others in the radio room had to play the game. At least 2 incoming and 2 outgoing messages were passed without his knowledge. Two of them was during his watch.

We received the 1st call Monday at 0800 Nov. 2nd. After confirming plane tickets we informed the Command Master Chief Ganns of our plans. We departed DFW on Wednesday Nov. 4th at 1600.

We were on the pier at 1600 Thursday as the Boat arrived (My first time to await the arrival of someone I loved).  Before she tied up every one on the pier knew of the Pinning to come.

My son was called to the Chief's Quarters by the COB and thought it was one of those "OH Sh**** what did I do wrong meetings". He was the last off the boat for quarters still not knowing what was going on. Attention was called and  then the fact that Dolphins were to be presented.

The Captain stepped forward and asked if anyone else was present that might want to Pin this Newly Qualed Sailor. I stepped out and did the honors. My hands were shaking and the FISH WERE A LITTLE CROOKED. Many pictures were taken. Two others received their Fish and I made sure all were in the picture, the same as when I received mine at sea in 1964.

Third Generation SS: My Uncle was lost on the USS GROWLER in WWII 1 year and 2 days before I was born.

Hope all who stayed for the finish enjoyed this as much as I did.


Sid's N T I N S Locker