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From time to time the use of so-called "stress cards" during recruit training has been mentioned on the BBS. I don't know if they are or are not used at this time. But any topic can, and often does, trigger related thoughts framed in each man's unique time and place in the boats. Here is Len's mind dump on stress and his submarine experience. We've all BTDT.

Len Ledgerwood
10 October 1998

Stress, hmmm, let me think.

Was it STRESS when I first qualed on the GATO, and the crew "tacked them on", with tears of joy and pain running down my cheeks?

Was it STRESS when the GATO got underway with me as the only fwd ICman, and I couldn't sleep for 48 hrs because "I had the watch?" And I only slept then when they "blessed" a Nuc ICman.

Was it STRESS when ICCS(SS) B. R. forcibly removed my hands from Ltjg(SU) K's throat, when he wouldn't let me go ashore after 72 hrs awake (at EB, precomm) getting the boat ready for Adm. Rickover?

Was it STRESS when the reactor scrammed on the GROTON, in the hi-lats, and I had to use the priming pump (gelled fuel) to keep the diesel running? (Thats what I get for having a bunk just ouside the AMR, and me only an E4)

Was it STRESS when on the Edison, I was awakened by the 1MC with this message: "Man battle stations, missile, prepare for a tactical launch"?

No one knew if it was a drill, and we all wondered if "this was it".......

STRESS, that's what made us submariners  That's why we were the "top 10%", we knew we could take it.

The new Navy recruit "Stress Cards" make me feel better for what I did, even though it sucked at times, I knew I could get it done, and I didn't have an easy out to use.

No excuses. No second chances. No way they would get to me.

Len (making manly grunting noises)

Sid's N T I N S Locker