Sid's N T I N S Locker
John Cole aka nooke706
USN 1979 - 1988.
Plankowner: USS Albuquerque (SSN-706)
Currently technical trainer (General Motors) and writes technical manuals for machine builders.
21 April 1998
John and I want to thank Ron for all his hard work for the BBS.
This is a poem about what this BBS means to both John and I.
Amy Cole - A Submariner's Wife 
Ron Martini's BBS
by Amy Cole

Ron Martini's BBS
Is a special place to be
It's the finest place in subberspace
As any sailor can see.
It's not just for the salts
Who made their life the sea
But landlubbers too are welcome
Whose hearts are one with thee.
It's a place to tell no-shitters
With a twinkle in your eye
And know your yarn is understood
'Cause you would never tell a "lie".
It's also a place for oh-shitters
Relived from long ago
The kind that bring a tear to your eye
You wish they were not so.
Fathers, sons and husbands
Who always will be young
Are remembered for their supreme sacrifice
Their lives had just begun.
The cybersubs are awesome!
The Runner and Hogfish cruise
Beneath the waves of subberspace
To Perth and the ice-cap too.
Men who fought the diesel boats
Will banter with the nukes
Generations come together
The commonality of roots.
But the best part of the BBS
Are the people who are there
People who laugh and people who cry
People who truly care.
So thank-you Ron Martini
For opening your base to all
Bringing submariners together

Sid's N T I N S Locker