Sid's N T I N S Locker
by Gerald C. (BUCK) Conrad QM1(SS) USN Ret.

Dedicated to the many subschool dives I made on board the USS Diablo SS-479 in op areas HE and HW, Long Island Sound.   These were officer and enlisted alike and sometimes they got scary, especially the officers. 

The submarine sailor, now there’s a lad,
he comes from all over our nation.
Us old timers take him under our wing
and teach him in timely fashion.
By the time he’s all through, 
he’s learned quite lot. 
So let’s take him to sea
and see what he has got.
We watch him real close as he takes command
to rig the ship for dive.
We follow him round and check his work 
so we’ll all come back alive.
The lads have done well and all is in order 
but they’re nervous as bees in a hive.
The Captain's informed by XO and COB, 
the boat is ready to dive.
He says "very well, so let’s pull the plug
let’s see if they done it right." 
The klaxon is sounded and down the sub goes
into waters as dark as the night.
The students are pale, they’re hands are shaking, 
as they pray they’ve done it right. 
The boat angles down and slushes and gurgles
as the chief checks each little light.
All wait for his report, when GREENBOARD he yells 
all hands now breathe easy
except for the students
whose stomachs are kinda queasy
What about the Main Induction 
has it been closed and locked?
The chief’s done this for 25 years, 
he don’t go off half cocked.
The Diablo settles at periscope depth 
Her students will survive 
Now all they need do is get her back up
For the second group to dive.