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Sirago's Visit To Monaco In The Early 1960s
Take er Deep Joe Roche 
During my last cruise with Sirago we as a nation suffered through the assassination of our President J F Kennedy on Nov. of 1963. Being overseas at that terrible time was in retrospect the best place for a young sailor to be. We did not have to suffer all the daily news reports that the rest of the country did.

What eased that devastating loss was a two week visit to the Principality of Monaco, or Monte Carlo. While there I had a chance to return an RSVP from my commanding officer to the Captain of Aristotle Onassis' yacht, the Christina. A more luxurious ship I have never seen nor had the privilege of visiting. On the stern where you boarded was an enclosed ballroom, and inside, highlighted by a spotlight, was a painting by Rembrandt. The ship, to say the least, was spotless.

I also had the opportunity to see Her Highness, the Princess of Monaco, or as she was know in our neighborhood Gracie Kelly. A beautiful and elegant woman. She came aboard and reviewed the crew and went below decks to visit Sirago.

That was a memorable time for this young and impressionable sailor.