Sid's N T I N S Locker
Christmas & New Years
by Luke The Lid
Former USN Airdale
Posted 1997
Every Christmas Eve and all but one New Years Eve in 1958 thru 1960 I spent airborne, flying the Barrier or on Special Ops. I recall that on one of those Christmas Eve's I happened to look out of the "Escape Hatch" window (Located at the Radio Flight Station) and saw the Moon shining through the Aleutian cloud cover. It formed a perfect cross, not just an "X" but the type of cross you see on every church steeple. I called the navigator over to look at what I saw and when he looked it was gone. I looked again and indeed it was gone. I have never seen anything like that before or since and am at a loss to explain how or why it was there in that configuration. I am not a religious person but every now and then I remember that evening and the cross shining down at me.

The one New Years Eve that I spent on rotation back in Hawaii was the normal Waikiki New Years Bash which would possibly rival some of the better known celebrations around the land.

I'm sitting here now wondering about that cross.

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